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I am most interested in creating images that articulate the precise and abstract qualities of the natural world. My life-long interest in science has evolved into an examination of common patterns within the opposites of microcosm and macrocosm, and the realization that all things are interconnected. My works reflect situations and points of view that are unseen by the naked eye. I draw my ideas from my daily observations of nature, meditation, microscope images of cells and particles, and telescope portraits of galaxies and nebulae.

One of the forms I use in my work is the mandala. This geometric pattern is of Hindu origin and represents the cosmos. Its symbolic nature can help the observer to experience a sense of oneness with the unity from which the cosmos arises.

I use my art to reflect the beauty of what surrounds us, while shifting the focus away from our self-imposed significance as a species. I seek to illuminate the interconnectivity of all living things, inspiring respect for nature and waking us out of our unsustainable slumber. 

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